Safer Roadways For Your Family & Ours

GDOT Qualified Contractor
Bonded & Licensed & Insured
Woman Owned

Guardrail Company

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Safer Roadways
For Your Family & Ours

GDOT Qualified Contractor
Bonded & Licensed & Insured
Woman Owned

Guardrail Company

guardrail company gracie gray safer roadways

Safer Roadways

Gracie Gray Contractors was formed after Mindy (the company’s owner and President) lost a close family member in an automobile accident. If guardrail or other safety barrier system were in place, a life could have been saved.

We’re on a mission to make roadways safer for your family and ours. The company was named after the owner’s children, and it is truly a family enterprise, guided by strong family values. Honesty, Reliability, Quality, Trustworthy, and Commitment drive our company.

guardrail company gracie gray certified contractor

Certified Contractor

As a GDOT certified contractor, Gracie Gray works directly with the State of Georgia, as well as counties and municipalities throughout north and central Georgia.

We also partner with road construction contractors as a subcontractor on large roadway projects. Private, commercial enterprises also hire us for bollards, parking areas and the like.

Our ability to respond quickly makes us a great choice for emergency work, non-functional guardrail repair and replacement, as well as important safety work that just cannot wait. Our installation equipment and techniques make us the right choice for jobs that require precise maneuvering.

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Gracie Gray provides Guardrail, Grading, and Barrier operations designed to enhance roadway safety, with some related operations designed for other purposes.

  • Guardrail work is the company’s primary focus.
  • Grading is offered both to enhance our roadway work and to lend our expertise to small infrastructure and site preparation projects.
  • Barrier projects are currently limited to bollards for safety, security, demarcation, and decorative purposes.
guardrail company gracie gray contractors core values

Core Values

Our Core Values drive everything we do.

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Trustworthy
  • Committed
Our customers and partners can trust that we will be there when needed and provide timely, quality service. We will work closely with you for the best outcome, and we’ll stand behind our work.
guardrail company gracie gray contractors gdot qualified

Gracie Gray Contractors

Gracie Gray is proud to be part of the Georgia community and to make its contribution to safer roads for your family and ours. From large projects to timely repairs and replacements, Gracie Gray is doing its part to protect our communities.

You can find evidence of our work on interstates, state roads, county roads, local roads and even the Atlanta Beltline where we protect motorists and pedestrians from harm.

Guardrail company GDOT ALDOT TDOT NCDOT SCDOT FDOT gracie gray contractor

Service Area

Gracie Gray Contractors is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. DOT qualified contractor.

  • GDOT – Georgia (primary service area)
  • ALDOT – Alabama
  • TDOT – Tennessee
  • NCDOT – North Carolina
  • SCDOT – South Carolina
  • FDOT – Florida
Gracie Gray Contractors Mindy Tucker Woman Owned guardrail company

Owner - Mindy Tucker

Gracie Gray is proud to be a woman owned business. Mindy Tucker founded the company in 2015 and has set the tone ever since. Mindy has instilled a mission and set of values that guide the organization.

She oversees the business side of the company, providing strategic direction while making key hiring decisions and serving as the overall office manager. Her husband, Matt Tucker, is a vital part of the management team, serving primarily as the company’s Chief Estimator and primary contact for customers.

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