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Guardrail Services

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Guardrail Services

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New Guardrail

Gracie Gray installs new guardrail as both a prime contractor for state and local government entities and private businesses, and as a subcontractor on large road construction projects. Our efficient, streamlined operations allow us to provide competitive bids and perform when needed. Our ability to also handle light roadside grading at the same time is a big plus on some jobs. Our experienced crews and supervisors will get the project done right and on time.

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Routine Maintenance Guardrail

Gracie Gray has extensive experience performing routine maintenance repairs for various state and local governments and is structured to handle this work promptly and efficiently. Our top quality, crawler type guardrail machines allow us to work in difficult areas without damaging vegetation and road surfaces. Our commitment to safety ensures that damaged guardrail will be repaired without delay.

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Emergency Guardrail Repair

Gracie Gray structures its business to be able to complete emergency repairs when called upon. We maintain an extensive inventory of both W-Beam and Thrie-Beam guardrail, as well as anchors, bridge connections, and transitions to respond quickly to any type of job. Our project managers schedule jobs promptly and give priority to emergency situations. Our structure, equipment and experience make us an ideal choice for all types of guardrail installation work, especially the time critical guardrail maintenance and repair work. We understand the need for quick response to emergency and non-functioning guardrail situations. You can count on us to be there when you need us.

guardrail contractor bridge guard rail replacement wood steel gracie gray

Bridge Guardrail Replacement

Wood fence guard rail was replaced with steel for better safety for pedestrians and vehicles.
Emergency Repair guardrail contractor Type 12A Anchor Gracie Gray before after

Emergency Guardrail Repair

During a late night accident, a vehicle collided with this non-compliant end treatment on Barrett Pkwy. At the request of Cobb County DOT we mobilized and installed this new SoftStop within 48hrs.

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